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Open-Source Cool

We soldier through the challenging open-source landscape so you can save money and build the next big thing.

  • AI Automation
  • AI image creation, text-to-speech, and animation
  • Self-hosted web app and micro-service deployments
  • Learning & Development
  • Technical Support
  • Conversational AI
  • Programmatic SMS
  • Team-building
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web-hosting
  • Training
  • DevOps

Our Work

  • Dojos

    Check out our static site built with Hugo with 5 web apps embedded right into it.

  • Blog

    Check out our Ghost blog (save $25/month by self-hosting your own for FREE).

  • Chat

    Private encrypted and self-hosted chat hub. Please reach out!

  • Youtube

    Check out Youtube channel built with AI and a cast of 16 AI characters.

  • Dashboards

    Check out our showroom of self-hosted dashboards for over 50 professions.

  • Custom GPT for Job-Seekers

    Demo of one of our coolest custom GPTs featured in the GPT Store.

  • Automation with AirTable

    See a demo in AirTable for one of our coolest ways to automate AI.

  • Self-Hosted Image Generation

    See some of the amazing things you can do with Stable Diffusion

  • Deck on Innovation

    See some of our recent ideas for innovation for Dave and Busters.


  • Jay

    I'm from the U.S. and have been building with self-hosted open-source technology for 7 years. I love helping others DIY innovative tech solutions using all the free nuts and bolts that exist out in wild in the open-source world. Click the link to send me an e-mail.

The 60-Day Self-Hosting Challenge

Embark on the ultimate challenge for free. Give the many wonders of open-source tech a try.

  • Data privacy
  • Team collaboration
  • Increased productivity
  • The ultimate business-builder
  • Opportunity for endless learning
  • Gateway to millions of open-source tools
  • Templates (Next.js, React, Hugo, and more)
  • An entire suite of blockbuster apps pre-installed
  • Absolute maximum value on raw cloud computing
  • The purest technological foundation upon which you can build ANYTHING
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